Your Vintage Occasion @ Dirty Janes, Bowral

One of my favourite towns to visit is Bowral only because its not that far from Sydney but it makes you feel like you’re somewhere far. Found this place via Instagram and I figured it would be nice to go there with my sister and for my niece to experience ‘high tea’ for the first time.

Afternoon tea here is great and it was value for money believe it or not. Had we gone to another cafe no doubt our bill would have been over $100 an we actually walked out feeling full. At Your Vintage Occasion our bill was within the $70s and when you think about it, it was actually reasonable considering our lunch included dessert.

Scones here are to die for and the tea is served in massive vintage teapots which feels like its never going to end which is the BEST! Definitely this is going to be my MUST go to place from now on when I’m in the southern highlands.

your_vintage_occasion_entry your_vintage_occasion_table

Pinwheel Sandwiches – Egg mayo and chives


Pinwheel sandwiches – chicken walnut and parsley


Leg ham calved off the bone with epicure cheddar, mango chutney and rocket + Smoked salmon cucumber, baby spinach, horseradish, dill and cream


Selection of Date scones with whipped butter + Classic scones with berry jam and Chantilly cream


Rose scones with rose cream and berry jam

your_vintage_occasion_rose_scones_a your_vintage_occasion_rose_scones_c

Lavender scones with lemon curd and lavender infused cream

your_vintage_occasion_lavendar_scones_b your_vintage_occasion_lavendar_scones_a

After your meal is done, walk around and experience dirty janes vintage furniture and antiques


Address: 13-15 Banyette St, Bowral NSW 2576