{ Plunge no. 46, Summer Hill }

It feels like ages since I had brunch Sydney and quite frankly it felt good to not be travelling anywhere for a change. All this travelling for the both of us has made us exhausted and that we actually got to sleep in for the first time in a month! Since we woke up a little later than usual, we decided it was time for a change of scenery so we headed locally to Summer Hill in search for another cafe :wow: Plunge No 46 surrounds it self with wooden style art deco furniture with simple white walls and mini props. They have fantastic seating arrangements which is very spacious arrangements if you enjoy eating outside in the sun. Their menu is very different as it has a european flare which makes things interesting as there isn’t much to choose from within the street / Summer Hill itself. So if you want to go somewhere different for a change, pop around and try something new and simple with a great vibe. plunge_no_46_a

Zucchini & Fetta Fritters with tomato salad and a yoghurt base sauce – I actually hate zucchini but I decided to be daring in ordering it in hoping it would change my mind and it did :lol: Outside is golden and crunchy where zucchini meets korean fried chicken batter #fckingdelicious #hotnspicykfc. It was quite big I couldn’t even eat half of it so if you have a small appetite like me you can go halfies and share the fried goodness around.


Roast Lamb Salad – Absolutely delicious, I love a good tasty protein salad. If i had a choice I would totally swap my fritters for this but only because this salad is packed with flavour and has a lot elements to it!


Berry frappe - Plunge no. 46 offers a variey of beverages, this happens to be one of them

plunge_no_46_d plunge_no_46_e

Treat @ Pasticceria Papa

If you’re in Summer Hill, why not kill two birds with one stone and head over the other side of Parramatta road to Pasticceria Papa (known as Papa’s) for some awesome baked ricotta cheesecake. pasticceria_papa

Plunge no 46
A: 46 Lackey St, Summer Hill NSW
W: plunge46.com.au
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Pasticceria Papa
A: 145 Ramsey Street, Haberfield NSW
W: ppapa.com.au
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