{ Excelsior Jones, Ashfield }

Tucked away in the backstreets of Ashfield, lays a quirky cafe surrounded by houses, houses and more houses. Excelsior Jones is specifically catered for local diners of the area in which it provides a great hang-out for the locals serving up simple and comforting foods at the tip of their fingers. What brought me to excelsior jones was that I wanted to go somewhere without the eastern suburbs hustle and bustle and was looking forwarding to trying something hidden away.

Excelsior jones is no where located near the chinese dumpling hub of Ashfield and is closer to Hurlstone park, Canterbury, Campsie way. Their menu is extensive and offers various breakfast / brunch lunch options which is catered to suit almost any taste-buds. Can’t go wrong if you’re a local in the area and very lucky to have a cafe like this  in your backyard which doesn’t consist of xao long bao’s.



Pork Hock Hash – Poached gooey eggs, pearl shallots fried buckwheat, potato hash, fresh herbs, caramelised garlic


Ricotta Hotcakes - Spiced Fruits, Yoghurt, Postachio Praline


 Cherry Ripe Milkshake – Best cherry milkshake in our eyes! May not look like a cherry ripe but god damn tastes like one


Excelsior Jones
139a Queen Street, Ashfield
W: http://www.excelsiorjones.com/

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