{ Orto Trading Co., Surry Hills }

CARROT HOT CAKES – WHAT THE FUDGEEEEE! It’s to die for that I can’t wait to return especially for that. It’s no doubt the only place iI know of who makes carrot hotcakes cakes like Orto trading co. It’s soo delicious you’ll be in heaven and is bound to make your day a happier one. It’s not one of those sweet breakfasts where it makes you feel gluggy and sick towards the end it’s got the hit of savoury yet sweet which sends joy through your body.  Anyhow enough about the carrot hotcakes.

Orto trading co is a baby friendly cafe hidden in the back streets of Surry Hills. They offer a variety of brunch decisions which is bound to cater for anyone and even kids who are ready to indulge in their first babyccino. Orto trading co has a outdoor marquee area with a professional omelette chef whom is ready with plans blazing and willing to carve up fresh ham off the bone and customise an omelette of your liking. Vibe here is great and if you’re comfortable with communal table sharing then you’ll get a seat quicker. It’s packed but not a cafe with lines out the door so if you’re hungry come here to avoid the wait..


Carrot cake hot cake - My absolute favourite, never had pancakes like this before and its absolutely to die for. Mr.P ordered this as his choice and I was jealous! We ended up swapping dishes as couples do because he wanted protein on my meal but secretly, I think he knew I wanted his pancakes.. :D


Hash – I ordered this because i’ve just come off a detox and I really wanted potato hash with a clean feel. Hash is crunchy golden and adds a whole lot of texture to the dish and good news is that its not oozing in oil. Fresh leg of ham with oozing poach eggs, avocado, tomatoes and grilled asparagus made this dish light and refreshing. Simplicity at its best..






Orto trading co.
A: 38 Waterloo St, Surry Hills
W: http://ortotradingco.com.au

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