{ Devon by night, surry hills }

Busy cafe by day, and chillaxing casual fusion asian restaurant by night! Never thought in a million years i’d be having a degustation dinner at a cafe in surry hills. Felt kind of odd to experience the transformation considering I know Devon as a brunch venue.. but having said that, Mr.P and I had an enjoyable night over dim lights and tea candles where dinner was just right I.e. not too little and not too much but fulfilling without the fatty expanded belly guilt. Degustation offers 8 courses @ $60pp and is a great opportunity to sample Devon’s dinner menu. Bookings? No bookings before 8pm so if you want a table, make sure you come early because if you don’t, they will shoo your ass out and you’ll have to reschedule for another time. Staff here are super friendly and very helpful and the food is prompt but not too quick that you feel rushed. Mr.P was on-call during the weekend so it was peaceful enough for him to pull out his laptop and work over dinner during a lawyer crisis. To all the fancy people out there, don’t come here if you’re expecting a 5 hatted degustation menu. Devon is for those who want a casual dining experience with great company and no pressure of having to put on your finest frock! If you plan to sit outside, I suggest wear something warm so your toosh doesn’t get frozen and last but not least, if you have a baby or a toddler, I’m not 100% sure if Devon is pram and kid friendly, I’ve never seen children at Devon during the day as the crowd is hip.. Give em a call if you plan to bring your bubba along. devon_by_night

Sashimi Salmon – King salmon sashimi, avocado, tomato jelly, ikura & chives


KJI Chicken – everyone seems to harp n about their chicken its korean style KFC in a delicious peanut sauce. Can’t go wrong with fried protein


Satay sticks with sweet peanut sauce and two cubes of toasted Brioche buns. On the right is char grilled baby corn in miso butter sprinkled in coffee.. very interesting dish and throughly enjoyed rolling it on coffee (who would have thought those flavours were a match). Have to admit when i saw “corn” on the menu i pictured actual corn on a cob sliced up into quarters…


Lobster roll – must have! brioche bun with generous portion of sweet fleshed losbter with delicious kewpie and tatsoi. Absolutely loved the lobster roll – a definite favourite.


Beef short-rib – smokey sticky beef short ribs which fall off the bone. Can’t go wrong with this dish at all. Totally recommend as it was recommended to us by our lovely guide.


Brocolini with garlic chips cooked to perfection to accompany the rich beef short-ribs.


Fried Ice-cream Bao – i cannot say no to fried ice-cream and i absolutely loved the salty chocolate. Seems Baos are one of the new trends where everyone is trying to stuff and shove anything into it. Definitely worked well with the fried ice-cream which is coated in a light thin crunchy batter/

devon_by_night_fried_icecream Devon Cafe – Devon by Night
A: 76 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills
W: http://devoncafe.com.au

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